Imagine Dance Studio

2018 / 2019

Information & Policy


· No FOOD or DRINKS of any kind permitted in the dance rooms. You must keep all food and drinks in the lobby, including water. Students are not permitted to chew gum in class.

· Absolutely NO Street shoes on the dance floor.

· Dance Shoes are NOT to be worn outside for ANY reason. 

· All students must be in proper dress code while attending class.

· Parents are not permitted to walk their children into the dance room. The teacher will greet them at the door and bring them into the classroom. Please do not go into the classroom to pick them up. After the class is over, the teacher will bring them out into the lobby.

· Class will be conducted with the doors closed. This will avoid any distractions from the lobby.

· Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to class.

· Students are not permitted to leave the building without a parent.

· Have student use the restroom before they enter the dance room.

· Please try and keep the lobby as quiet and clean as possible. Making sure there is a clear path in front of the doors.

· Students must keep their belongings in the dressing room or on hangers. Please do not leave personal belongings on the lobby chairs or on the floor.

· Please do not interrupt the teacher while the class is in session. If you need to speak to the teacher please do so before or after the class.

· Please do not allow your children to run in the lobby or outside. We are not responsible for unsupervised children.

· ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING inside studio or within 15 feet from door entrances. There is a receptacle outside that you can extinguish your cigarettes. Please do not throw them on the ground.

· If you want to bring a visitor with you to class, please clear it with the teacher beforehand, not as you are walking into class.

· All students and parents must show RESPECT to our teachers / faculty as well as to other students and parents. This studio is a “DRAMA FREE ZONE”, if a student is continuously disruptive in class then that student will be asked to leave the ballroom and will stand the chance of not being allowed to participate in future classes. This does include parents as well.


Students of Imagine Dance Studio shall carry the same RESPECT through- out our community and should lead by setting a good and positive example for others. Remember, younger kids look up to you!


These days of modern technology and information…we have come to rely on Facebook as a way of notifying students and parents of upcoming events, cancellations or in general updates. We also use Facebook as a way of advertisement for the studio. If you do NOT have Facebook please be aware to let us know if you want us to contact you via email or phone. But, this is for those who do NOT have Facebook. We will make a notification by our phone list.

Remember for those of you who have Facebook and who your contacts are, please be aware that there may be young influential teenagers and or children on your site that might look up to you. For example: Use of foul language and inappropriate posting by IDS students. 


We take several steps in making sure you are kept up to date on things going on at the studio or performance schedules. We prepare handouts with your child’s name on them. Those that we have left at the desk are the ones that we know did not pick theirs up. 




JACKSBORO LOCATION: Tuition is DUE ON THE 25TH OF EACH MONTH. We have been lax in the last several years, but we will strictly begin enforcing the late fees in the 2018/2019 Season. If not received on or before the 25th then a $15 late fee will incur. That is if a payment arrangement has not been made by then. If payment is more than 14 days late then your child will not be able to participate in class until payment is made.

CUMBERLAND GAP LOCATION: Tuition is DUE ON THE FIRST CLASS OF EACH MONTH. We have been lax in the last several years, but we will strictly begin enforcing the late fees in the 2018/2019 Season. If not received on or before the 2nd week of class then a $15 late fee will incur. That is if a payment arrangement has not been made by then. If payment is more than 14 days late then your child will not be able to participate in class until payment is made.

If tuition date falls during a holiday or when the studio is closed for the Fall, Christmas and or Spring Break then please mail your payment to: Imagine Dance Studio, 122 Starz Lane, Jacksboro, TN 37757

It is IDS policy that there are NO REFUNDS for tuition, enrollment fees or recital fees. 

Please feel free to come and talk to us if a problem arises.


Please do not register your child unless you plan to attend class regularly. The school year beings in August and goes through the end of May. We hope that each student will complete the year, but if a child should discontinue a class we request a 30 day notice. 

During recital choreography time which is January – May. If your child has 4 unexcused absences then they will be pulled from that dance.  Excused absences will include: Doctor’s excuses, Illness with fever, Family Emergency /Bereavement, School activities in which they are a participant. 

 Please notify the front office if your child will be absent.


All students are required to wear the appropriate attire to class:

Leotards – Must be black with no mid-drift showing.

Tights – Caramel, White, Pink and Black (No Bright Colors)

Shorts – You may wear multi-color dance shorts.

Jazz Pants – Black pants or Capri’s

Tutu’s – Tutu’s will be permitted only for Little Stars.


Little Stars – Pink Ballet Shoes & Caramel Tap Shoes

Shimmer – Pink Ballet Shoes & Caramel Tap Shoes

Glitter – Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes, Black Tap Shoes

Sparkle / Starshine / Starlight & Starbound – Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes, Tan Pedini’s, Nude Turners & Black Tap Shoes

Production – Caramel Pedini’s

Lyrical – Nude Lyrical Turner for performances. However, you can wear your choice of lyrical shoes for class.

We would be happy to order your child’s dancewear and shoes, however if you do choose to purchase them outside the studio here is a list of stores that cater to dancers. Please keep in mind that IDS requires certain types of shoes and you will need to consult with the office before purchasing.

Online at: Dancewear or Tutu’s located at 9700 Kingston Pike, Knoxville and their phone # is 865-357-2675.


When Campbell County Schools and / or Claiborne County Schools are closed due to INCLEMENT WEATHER ONLY then we will also close the studio. We will schedule make ups to cover classes lost. 


The studio WILL BE OPEN for all in-service days. We will be closed for Labor Day, Halloween, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break. If the STUDIO needs to cancel classes for any other reason, then make-ups will be scheduled. Please refer to your 2018/2019 Fall Calendar.


We have to book our venue a year in advance, so the 2019 Recital Dates are as follows:

11th Anniversary Recital Banquet – May 16th, 2019
Blocking / Dress Rehearsal – May 18th, 2019

11th Annual Spring Recital – May 19th, 2019


Recital costumes vary in price and we make every effort to keep your cost to a minimum. The AVERAGE cost can range anywhere from $35 - $75 per costume so keep this in mind that you may consider your budget.


Payments can be made at your discretion.

We will start accepting payments for costumes as early as October.

Be advised that payment in FULL needs to be made no later than January 10th. If payment is not made on or before this date, then your child’s costume will not get ordered until paid in full, then you may have to pay for extra shipping for late orders.

 We order our Spring Recital Costumes in January. It takes 8-12 weeks for costumes to come in. Costume Invoices will be handed out in October.


We have not raised our prices in probably at least 7 years. We apologize, but this year we must raise it to $75 to help cover the cost of the banquet venue.

If you have paid for a costume and your child will be dropping out of recital and the costume has not been ordered we will refund you your costume payment. However, we cannot reimburse for a costume once it’s been ordered. This is per the costume company policies, as they will not reimburse us for a costume and will only do size exchanges.

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